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October 27, 2012
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Agent Blonde 2012 Ref Sheet by MrPr1993 Agent Blonde 2012 Ref Sheet by MrPr1993
The reference of the blonde spy, Agent Blonde! (I may color the references later)


Name: Agent Blonde

Nicknames/Aliases: "Tall Lady", "Very Tall Lady", "Buxom Lady", "Busty Spy", "Hourglass", "Dumbbell", "Big Chest", "Blonde Agent", "Big Lady", "Blondie", "Bombshell", "Miss Blonde", "Lady-with-the-Huge-Racks", "Sackracks", "Fat Racks", "Handy Lady"

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 7'5"

Weight: (she'll kick your butt if you ask her!)

Species: Human (Human Toon to anyone's standards)

Nationality: Russia

Occupation: Secret Agent Spy

Likes: Cakes (mostly strawberry), Flirting, Herself

Dislikes: Being called fat, Bad Luck, Guns (handgun-type only)

Appearance/Description: She is a 7 and a half foot tall woman with very long blond hair that reaches to below her waist. Her torso is ridiculously skinny as a pole, and so does her arms, that have big hands, and hind legs. She has exaggerated breasts and thighs, and she has a beauty mark on the side of her face, and on one side of her breasts. Agent wears a black jumpsuit, which reveals her cleavage due to her A-shaped zipper being blocked over the mass of her bust size. She has blue eyes and red lipstick, and wears earrings and a black headband.

Strengths: She is capable to fight with several fighting styles, and she is capable to hack computers. She is very intelligent. She also has mastery over 8 languages. She is, as most says, that she's good at "almost anything". Agent can use her beauty to her advantage to distract guards and to make them leave their guard down so she can knock them out with ease. An one unusual thing Agent Blonde has is her fascination with makeup. She has an intensely great skill on using makeup, as she used to be "an extremely, overly, mega, super specially professional stylist". But she quits because she was bullied too much by her boss who cared too much about money than the people's care. Because of this, she can use it as part of her disguises.

Stretch & Squash: Since she is from a cartoon world, she can support things that "normal" humans can't, like a cartoon does. For example, if she is flattened, she will be paper flat yet still alive. If she is blown up, she still lives, yet covered in soot. For comedic effect, since her whole body but her bust is heavily fixed by surgery, the parts cannot be damaged. If she gets hit by her big bust, the attack bounces off and ricochets right at the attacker. Despite being able to support things like a cartoon can do, she can still feel pain. If she is unable to take it, she will faint.

Weaknesses: She has a big ego and vanity on herself. Also, due to her huge figure, she can get stuck on things that a normal person can get through, such as the vents or manholes. Also, Agent can get distracted easily by mirrors and look at them for a while until somoene or somethng interrupts her.

**On both her gloves contains gadgets that can:
*Shoot lasers
*Release a grappling hook
*Contact with others
*Generate a temporal shield
*Gives her temporal invisibility

**Her boots are equipped with jets that allows her to hover.

**Her earrings she wears are grenades, which explodes when the triggers are pulled. It is made by her, and it is never stated how she actually makes them.

**She also has a hammerspace equipment. She tends to take them out from her enormous cleavage, but she can take them from out of nowhere. Some of them range from fans, to a baseball bat, or even a piano, somehow.

**Claws that are used for climbing.

Voice: She sounds somewhat like Jessica Rabbit, from the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?!". She lacks a Russian accent, despite being one, and speaks good English.

Personality: Despite being a great heroine, Agent Blonde is actually a sarcastic, and vain woman. Agent is also a pervert, though she denies it. She is short tempered, and is sensitive to her weight. All of this was attributed to her horribly bad luck. Also, Agent Blonde dislikes using the handgun-type of guns, and this is because of an incident that burned her original face off and got replaced with one in a surgery. Despite all this, Agent is helpful, and goes serious during bad situations on missions.

Bio: Agent Blonde is the agent of the spy agency, NSO (Nameless Spy Organization). As a child, Agent was dreaming of becoming a stylist. However, she gave up on that, and became an ugly nerd during her teens. As she was walking home, she was harassed by a mugger. But she proceeds to beat him up with her karate skills she learned from her karate teacher when he called her fat. As this was going on, a younger Agent Jay, a member of NSO, oversaw this, and requested Agent to join the agency, in which she declines. Years later, after graduation, she got a job as a stylist. However, she quit because her boss mistreated her and the other workers. While looking for another job, she got harassed by a mugger who was from years ago. The same routine happened, and the mugger ended up being thrown into a trash can, and kicked away and ended up literally rolling down the streets. Veteran Agent Jay, who oversaw this, recognizes Agent as the girl who declined the offer to join NSO. He once again requests Agent to join, and she accepts, finally getting a job. As some time passes, Agent was going under literal changes; from the many bad luck she had, Agent went on many surgeries, including one that involved her handgun blowing her face off, which resulted on Agent never using handguns ever again. Then, she gained an archenemy: Dr. Laughterstein, who tires to take over the world. After all this, Agent is, currently, the top secret agent of NSO.

* Agent Blonde's name is, in fact, her name.
* Anyone, who isn't from her universe, where the humans are more taller than normal, can mistake Agent Blonde for an amazon. It's a running gag.
* Her suit supposedly cover her whole body. However, due to her huge chest, the A-shaped zipper can't cover her due to her huge cleavage being in the way. Whenever someone asks how is she able to balance because of her exaggerated breasts, she starts to wonder why.
* Her favorite food is cake, mostly strawberry flavored.

Agent Blonde (c) *MrPr1993
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